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Why Does Social Media Not Work For Me?

Everyone is on social media, and it is a good idea for your business to be on it too. In fact, it is very important that you are. However, it is also important to do it right. 

So, we have complied a list of 5 things NOT to do on your Businesses social media.

  • Only posting on your socials occasionally, is not beneficial. Regular posts show consistency and will aid in your business gaining followers. Scheduled posts help organise you’re posting and can help you plan what content is going out and when. Additionally, consistency in your posts will help your business gain trust. The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they are to buy.
  • Don’t post just anything! Its important to post content that your audience has interest in. Knowing what your potential customers like, dislike and want to know will help you know what to post, as well as what to offer as a business. Positive interactions with customers will influence customers to return to your business as they have had that positive experience previously. 
  • Basic and boring content is a big no! Visuals can gain customers attention; this can be either professional images or videos. Long paragraphs of text can lose customers attention, however if the text is broken up by images or video it makes the text less daunting. Again, your content needs to be interesting and beneficial to the customer. Your content should not be too sales orientated but show that you can solve the customers problems.
  • Not tracking your performance on social media, will make your social media presence pointless. You can define and develop your marketing strategy by keeping an eye on the performance of your social media posts. You can keep an eye on which posts are effective right here. In addition to what prompts the greatest number of people to visit or follow a website.
  • Using A/B testing to test ads on social media can help you create the most effective ads for your situation. You can find out what makes great content and what gets the best response by segmenting your audience into groups and showing them different versions of the same advertisement. By doing this, you can make the most of your social media marketing plan. It can also assist you in recognising how different social media platforms differ in terms of preferences. For instance, the Facebook advertisement you run might not work as well on Instagram; you’ll need to adjust a few things, like the calls to action.