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How To Write A Perfect Instagram Bio

Are you struggling to write an Instagram Bio for your business? Getting it right is important. 

But don’t worry, there is a formula that will help you write a perfect bio! SEO optimised name + value proposition + call to action + your website link = a perfect Instagram bio!

Firstly, your bio should aim to introduce your company and persuade new followers of its worth in the few seconds it takes them to read it.

Secondly, your bio is important for SEO. For your business to show in searches on Instagram, your bio must include your job title. As an example, Hugo Bea’s should include ‘digital marketing, business consultancy, research, audit and grant writing’. 

Above all, what is your call to action? What do you want people to do once they read your bio? Obviously, you would like viewers to follow you, hire your services or buy your products. Whatever it is you do. And having the perfect bio can help you do this!

It’s important to include your company’s Instagram handle, and brand name, as well as the brief description of your business. Also, include a link to your website. 

As long as you have followed the formula, you should have created the perfect bio for your business!

Top tip: It’s also important to think about your company ‘personality’ and how your social media voice will come across. Is it truthful, wholesome, and welcoming? Perhaps it’s new, trendy. Or, creative and exciting? Maybe you would like to sound trustworthy, competent, and efficient? This is how potential customers and followers will interpret your words. Look at some big brands Instagram page for inspiration such as Innocent Smoothies or Soap&Glory.