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How Can Understanding The Buyer's Journey Help Your Social Media Strategy?

The steps a customer takes when making a purchase of a good or service can be separated into 3 categories throughout their ‘buyers’ journey’. The customer follows a process of awareness, consideration and then follow on to decide. 

After realising they have a problem, the customer begins researching potential solutions on Google or by reading posts on social media. By reading reviews and sifting through advertisements, the customer is identifying potential solutions and weighing which to choose. The product or service that best addresses their issue is then selected.  

Various stages of the journey should have different content. You can develop targeted campaigns that advance your followers through the buyer’s journey by having a thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey. Knowing the route can be beneficial, you can select the appropriate platform for a campaign or post. You can choose relevant KPIs and analytics to concentrate on. Which is beneficial in order to improve your productivity for your business.